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Let's Misbehave Murder Mystery Games, Plays, Fundraising and Dining Events!

As a responsible adult, existing in an ever-demanding world; how often do you actually get the excuse or opportunity to escape responsibilities for a brief while and – MISBEHAVE!

As fortune would have it; all those toilsome, stressful and tedious lives can now be left far behind as you immerse yourself in a ‘Let’s Misbehave!’ Murder Mystery. A whole new life of ‘intrigue’, ‘pretence’ and ‘complete absurdity’ is entered into as soon as the invitation is opened … or when you step through the restaurant door of  a special Murder Mystery Dining Event.

Let’s Misbehave!’ Murder Mysteries are not simply a product but a unique experience!  All game and play scripts are totally original and highly entertaining.
Whether it be a Murder Mystery Game for a party at home, or a Murder Mystery Play for fundraising and public events, or a restaurant Murder Mystery Dining Event  – ‘Let’s Misbehave!’ will provide a quality Murder Mystery experience for all occasions.

Let’s Misbehave!’ Murder Mystery games and plays are available in downloadable formats; printed game packs; or in our brand new box set packs (see Gallery images)both which include free postage!
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… So go on then, take a look at our current titles and events.
Why wait any longer ….. ‘Let’s Misbehave!

Murder At Speed

Not one of you has ever participated in a Speed Dating evening before, but all your friends keep telling you that it is definitely the place to go to find your perfect partner – but whenever have they been right before when it comes to affairs of the heart?

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Résistance To Murder

It is a cold, moonlit evening in late April, 1944 and you find yourself dining at ‘Café Mange-Tout, Mange-Tout’ situated in a small town just off the coast of Normandy, France. The café is, (or should I say – was) owned by Monsieur René Renier, a key member of the local Résistance network...
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