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Let's Misbehave Murder Mystery Games, Plays, Fundraising and Dining Events!

As a responsible adult, existing in an ever-demanding world; how often do you actually get the excuse or opportunity to escape responsibilities for a brief while and – MISBEHAVE!

As fortune would have it; all those toilsome, stressful and tedious lives can now be left far behind as you immerse yourself in a ‘Let’s Misbehave!’ Murder Mystery. A whole new life of ‘intrigue’, ‘pretence’ and ‘complete absurdity’ is entered into as soon as the invitation is opened … or when you step through the restaurant door of  a special Murder Mystery Dining Event.

Let’s Misbehave!’ Murder Mysteries are not simply a product but a unique experience!  All game and play scripts are totally original and highly entertaining.
Whether it be a Murder Mystery Game for a party at home, or a Murder Mystery Play for fundraising and public events, or a restaurant Murder Mystery Dining Event  – ‘Let’s Misbehave!’ will provide a quality Murder Mystery experience for all occasions.

Let’s Misbehave!’ Murder Mystery games and plays are available in downloadable formats; printed game packs; or in our brand new box set packs (see Gallery images)both which include free postage!
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… So go on then, take a look at our current titles and events.
Why wait any longer ….. ‘Let’s Misbehave!

Murder At Speed

Not one of you has ever participated in a Speed Dating evening before, but all your friends keep telling you that it is definitely the place to go to find your perfect partner – but whenever have they been right before when it comes to affairs of the heart? Find out more

And the Murderer is...

So here you all are at this year's much anticipated  G.L.A.M  (Gosh, Look At Me!) Awards, in the newly-refurbished  Flop Hall  just outside Bognor.  However, no more than 20 minutes after receiving 'Best Actor' Award for his portrayal of Cliff Hanger in 'Dilemma For Murder';  Lee Dingmann collapses dead on stage ... Find out more