A Platform for Murder

It is on a cold and foggy Friday morning in late Autumn, 1938 that you make your way to Platform 1b of Little Beeching railway station.

Some of you have arrived there in order to work; others in order to catch the 9.45 Exeter to London Express; and others, well …. for less obvious and possibly more sinister reasons.
As the train approaches, it is very difficult to make out any of your fellow passengers on the platform or in fact anything else occurring on the station, as the grey mist swirls around you. Then suddenly, out from the dense foggy haze, the sound of a young woman’s scream pierces the air ….

That was now eight hours ago and you are all still at the station awaiting not the arrival of any express train, but the arrival of Inspector Rod Coupling. The body of a young woman; since established to be that of - Miss Faye Tality, a parlour maid at Beeching Hall, had been found on the track towards the northerly end of the station. It appeared that she had been hit over the head and possibly pushed off the platform into the path of the oncoming 9.45 express train.

The small refreshment room at Little Beeching station has, on many occasions, been described as quaint and the food as wholesome; but if you have to stare at its slightly grubby chintz curtains for one minute longer, and eat yet one more of the fruit scones on offer – you will most probably say or do something you might regret.
Whatever can be detaining the Inspector for this length of time? You do all have homes and families to get back to.

And, if one of the assembled is a murderer, you would rather be back at home safely tucked up in bed sooner rather than later …

Fellow guests will include:

Ray Wayline
Station Master

Reverend Dave Ine
vicar of St. Barnabas church, Little Beeching

Blanche Line
refreshment room waitress

Dr. Paul Lee

Lady Frances (Fannie) Buffer-Sidings
Mistress of Beeching Hall

Claire Voyante
fortune teller

Will O’Blige
Lady Frances’ chauffeur (and general dog’s body)

Molly Coddle
Reverend Ine’s housekeeper





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