Murder At Speed

So here it is – the night you have all been desperately waiting for!

An evening of ‘Speed Datingat the prestigious cliff top country club: HEARTS

Tonight, all your romantic dreams; you hope; are about to come true.

Not one of you has ever participated in a Speed Dating evening before, but all your friends keep telling you that it is definitely the place to go to find your perfect partner – but whenever have they been right before when it comes to affairs of the heart?

 It is with both excitement and trepidation that you step through the doorway and into the magnificent Art Deco themed ballroom to meet your potential ‘dates’ for the night.

Suddenly, you begin to feel a little uneasy. Maybe it is just your anxiety, but you definitely have a sense of ‘impending doom’.

Oh, dear, dear, dear – will the course of true love never ever run smoothly?!

Your fellow ‘speed daters’ will include:

Paige Turner   –  Librarian                                                   
Will Power   - Gym Member/Enthusiast
Tess Tickle  - Private Cosmetic Surgery Clinic Nurse
Des Res  – Estate Agent
Cat Awahler   – Cruise Ship Singer
Ray Ality – ‘Fly on the Wall’ Documentary Maker
Grace Full – Proprietor of  the ‘Graceful School of  Deportment and Elegance’
Dy Injector – Tattoo Artist (originally from Barry Island!) 
Val Entine– Events’ Organiser at ‘Hearts’
Ivor Lead– Private Detective





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