Murder - Cheek to cheek

It is Friday evening and the night of your ‘Latin American’ dance class with the suave and debonair Puerto Rican dance instructor, Juan Stepp, at the infamous Crab Apple Dance Studios.

It is the final session of the term and it is also the one that everyone has been most looking forward to - ‘The Tango’.

As innocuous and innocent as the studio’s name might present itself; it is in fact an actual hotbed of lust, jealousy, passion and deceit - AND YOU LOVE EVERY MINUTE OF IT!

The anticipated evening, however, has been somewhat marred by the death of Juan Stepp’s glamorous dance assistant – Fran Dango , who was shot through the head earlier in the day whilst practising at the studio. I say ‘somewhat’ marred, as in truth, there are some of you who, in fact, may well be extremely delighted by the sudden demise of the lovely Miss Dango.

Yes indeed, Detective Inspector Lance Floor will certainly have to quicken his step this evening if he is to catch the murderer before he or she dances off into the sunset…

Fellow guests will include:

Juan Stepp (he dance plenty!)
dance instructor

Dolores (Dor) Stepp (she jealous plenty!)
Juan’s wife

Sam Burr

Pol Kerr
owner of the dance studio

Paul Room
caretaker of the dance studio

Maurice Dance
French businessman

Flo Foxtrot
dance studio receptionist

Charles Tonn
Reporter for the local ‘ rag’ and fiancé of Flo Foxtrot





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