Murder with a Twist (of lemon)

The year is 1926 and it is the eve of Lord and Lady Totty’s ‘celebrated’ annual summer ball.

You and your fellow guests – (close friends, relatives and highly regarded members of staff), have been invited to dine with Lord and Lady Totty at Dartingford Hall, Devon.

Not only do Lord and Lady Totty have an extremely important announcement to make to you all during the evening, but also Lady Totty, (with her usual strict attention to detail), wishes to discuss with you the minutiae of this year’s ball and to ensure that you are all ‘in step’ with the popular dance of the day – The Charleston. (Yes, you will need to bring your dancing shoes!)

Perfectionist and celebrated socialite she may be, but will Lady Totty be able to retain her serenity and composure as the weekend’s shocking revelations and dastardly deeds unfold …?

Fellow guests will include:

Lady Dorothy (Dotty) Totty

Lady of the Manor for many years. Many, many years!!

Lord Seymour Totty
Seymour Totty by name – see more totty by nature (if you see what I mean!)

Pru Dential
Lord Totty’s personal secretary - Nothing gets past this young lady’s sharp eyes, but is she as cautious and straight-laced as she appears?

(Old) Phartridge
The Butler – he may be an ‘old phart’ but Lord and Lady Totty would never dismiss him, (especially considering what he knows about them!)

Louise (Lou) Smorels
Parlour Maid - she’ll attend to your every need. Sir!

Thomas (Tom) O’Rite
Head Gardener – celebrated in county for the size of his King Edwards!

Fleur De Lys
Niece of Lord Totty and fiancée of Glen Eagles. A beautiful English rose but is she as sweet as she seems?

Glen Eagles
Scotland’s most celebrated golfer and fiancé of Fleur De Lys. This shrewd Scot likes to keep his eye on the ball.

Constance Cravings
A lady with an insatiable appetite, (an appetite for men that is!), and sister of Sara (Sugar) Cravings who was murdered earlier in the day.

Archie Tex
American house designer – has an eye for shape and form!





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