The Best Man for Murder?

Here you are at the long-awaited and meticulously-planned wedding of Miss Bonnie Banks (of Loch Lomond) and Mr Connor Bation (some Sassenach property developer from south of the borders), at the magical setting of Dunnin Castle in the beautiful Scottish Highlands.

If you were a superstitious individual; the thought may have crossed your mind, (although never across your lips), that a May wedding at the time of a waning moon; was not the most auspicious time for the ‘happy occasion’. But some people simply thrive on throwing caution to the wind, almost as if ‘asking for trouble’.

Unfortunately for Bonnie and Connor, ‘trouble’ decided to accept the kind invitation. Right at the end of the speeches, as the Groom opened the present from his Best Man – the traditional gift of a clock; the present actually exploded in his face, causing injury, shock, and in fact the untimely death of Mr Connor Bation. All this, right in front of his beloved wife of 2 hours and all of you, his dear friends and family.

And now you find yourselves, all dressed up in your finery; shocked and speechless, staring at a never-to-be cut wedding cake and awaiting the arrival of Detective Inspector Jim Faggart. Will the rugged and brilliant detective establish that it had all been a tragic and freak accident; or will he, in fact, utter those immortal words – ‘There’s been a mudder!’

Fellow guests will include:

Bonnie Banks
Bride (for all of 2 hours!)

Heather Hills
Bride’s Mother

Euan Mee
Best Man

Isla Skye
Chief Bridesmaid

Kirk Rugless

Gail Ick
Wedding Planner

Ken Gorms
Close friend of the Bride and Groom

Jock Strapp
Heather’s fiancé and Highland Games’ competitor in training





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