How to play / perform

Games (Printed packs, Box Sets and Downloads)

In each Murder Mystery game pack (printed or downloaded version) is an 'enclosure list' which details everything that is included to enable you to prepare for and to play your game – see example below:

  • Party invitations (x10)
  • Character Profiles and Costume Suggestions (x10) – to be sent out to the guests along with the invitations
  • Envelopes (x10) *available with ordered printed packs only
  • ‘Rules of Play’
  • Party Game Instructions – to be read by the host well in advance of the party
  • Character Booklets (x10)
  • Author’s Solution – not to be looked at and read out until the end of the game
  • Evidence 1- ‘Private letter’ (not to be looked at until stated in the game)
  • Evidence 2 – ‘Note from the Inspector’ (not to be looked at until stated in the game)

The role of the host(s) / organiser(s) is well-supported in the ‘Party Game Instructions’ booklet, giving clear instructions of how to plan for and play the game – see example excerpt below:

Planning the Party

  1. Assign a character to each guest including yourself. Send out an invitation along with a character profile and costume suggestion list to each participant. It is suggested that these be sent out with as much notice as possible in order to give sufficient time for guests to become familiar with their characters and organise their costumes – 4 to 6 weeks, would be ideal.
  2. Look at the props, music and important information suggestions well in advance of the party - use and organise these as you, the host, see fit and appropriate to your party and guests.

Beginning and Continuing the Party

  1. Welcome each guest and perhaps serve them a welcoming drink.
  2. When all the guests have assembled, read out the ‘Rules of Play’ to everyone.
  3. Give each guest their character booklet and instruct them to open it to Round One – allow time for each guest to read and absorb the information and dialogues in this opening round and to ascertain whether they are, or are not the murderer. When ready, each character will then introduce themselves in the order given in the booklets.
  4. In Rounds 2-5, pairs of characters will have ‘secret’ conversations, revealing information about themselves, which the rest of the guests will ‘overhear’ and make use of as they will to support their deductions in deciding who the possible murderer could be. The host will instruct all guests when to continue on to the next round. At the beginning of each round, ensure a little time is given for characters to become familiar with any dialogue pertinent to them before commencing.
  5. During Round 6 guests make their accusations in the order given in the booklets – stating who they believe the murderer to be and why.
  6. Author’s Solution – after each character has made their accusation, the host will read out the Author’s Solution.

This host's booklet also contains suggestions for appropriate music/songs and props to enhance the Murder Mystery experience, if you so wish to use these. It also gives *important information about certain characters and their roles within the game – information that again the host(s) can make use of to further dramatize the occasion.

Printed Game Packs
High quality printed game packs will be delivered to you with all booklets – (invitations, envelopes, author’s solution, host booklets and character booklets, etc.) made up, stapled and ready to use. The printing, preparation and postage of these are included in the price of £9.99.

Box Set Games
A printed game pack inside an illustrative box - ideal for a gift.
£11.99 including p&p 

Download Game Packs                                                                                           
Download game packs include all the same enclosures as the printed packs, except the envelopes for the invitations and character costume suggestions. When you print off the game – it will not be in ‘booklet’ format, but will print out on A4 (portrait). Each 'private' character booklet (6 pages per character) will ideally need to be stapled together after printing out, ready for each guest’s use. ** On the second page of each character booklet, in the 'For Your Eyes Only' section, it does state whether this character is the murderer or not.  This information is not obvious within the text, but again when printing out, the host must take care not to read this section's contents.  *** Some games include 'Evidence' sheets - again, it is very important that the host does not read the contents of these, but puts them safely away until needed as instructed. 

* The ‘Author’s Solution’ is in a separate file to the rest of the game. This is to help prevent the identity of the murderer being seen by the host when carrying out initial printing and preparation. The Author’s Solution can be subsequently printed out at the end of the game, or if this is not possible – then printed out as late as possible; the host being careful not to read its contents.
These downloadable game versions are available at the price of £7.99

*Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or for further support and guidance.

Plays (Printed packs and Downloads)

Included in each Murder Mystery Play pack (printed or downloaded version) is everything needed to enable you to prepare for and to perform your play:

  • Murder Mystery Scenario and Character Names
  • Character Profiles and Costume Suggestions
  • Producer and Director Information Notes
  • (Photocopiable) Script
  • Evidence Notes (where appropriate)
  • Author’s Solution
  • (Photocopiable) Audience accusation sheets

Example excerpt from Producer/Director notes:

‘Let’s Misbehave!’ Murder Mystery Plays are fully photocopiable for the purchasing venue.

You may, if you wish, ask the audience to come dressed in ‘themed’ attire (optional)

Background Music Suggestions: … *In order to play suggested and other music at a public event, you may need to check if you need a PPL and/or PRS licence

Between Act One and Act two, would be an appropriate time for a refreshment break – in whatever form you wish that to be. *You may, during this period, organise the performers to circulate the audience and allow the opportunity for questioning - noting that only the 'murderer' may lie!

At the end of Act Two another refreshment break may be taken, and at this time the audience can also be asked to make their accusations on the accusation sheets provided – before the author’s solution is revealed. After reading these, you may wish to award prizes for the most accurate accusation and/or the funniest. It is not absolutely necessary for the audience to make accusations. The author’s solution may just simply be read out at the end of the play, if so desired

Printed Play Packs
Printed play packs will be delivered to you ready for use. The printing, postage and performing permission licence for one venue are included in the price of £34.99.

Download Play Packs
Download play packs include all the same enclosures and performing permission rights as the printed packs. These are available at the lesser price of £26.99.

*Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, or for further support and guidance in organising your Murder Mystery fundraising event. private party or dining event.