Murder Mystery Plays UK

… so you could not resist the temptation to have a peep at our current Play titles?        I thought not!!!

‘Let’s Misbehave!’ Murder Mystery Plays are ideal for public performance and fundraising occasions. They are full of ‘intrigue’, ‘pretence’ and, for the most part - ‘complete absurdity’. A truly hilarious time will be had by all – performers and audience alike!

*Performance permission rights and royalties are included in the purchase price (see conditions).

Included in each Play Pack:                                                                                        cast character profile information and costume suggestions; potocopiable script; producer/director information, which includes prop, costume and music suggestions, along with preparation support for the organiser(s); audience accusation sheets.  

Please go to How to Play for guidance on 'how to perform'

Current titles

Murder At Speed

Not one of you has ever participated in a Speed Dating evening before, but all your friends keep telling you that it is definitely the place to go to find your perfect partner – but whenever have they been right before when it comes to affairs of the heart?

Package Price: £34.99
Download Price: £26.99
Performers: 10

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