And the murderer is...

So here you all are at this year's much anticipated  G.L.A.M  (Gosh, Look At Me!) Awards, in the newly-refurbished  Flop Hall  just outside Bognor.  

However, no more than 20 minutes after receiving 'Best Actor' Award for his portrayal of Cliff Hanger in this year's much-nominated film - 'Dilemma For Murder';  Lee Dingmann collapses dead on stage at the side of fellow cast and crew members as you all stand in mid- acceptance speech of  'Best Film' Award.  

Could it have been a heart attack;  could it have been, more likely, alcoholic poisining; or could it even have been ... plain and simple - MURDER?


Nominees (suspects) are:


Bob Onniself   (Actor)                                 Bess Screenplay   (Screen Play Writer)


Mike Rophone   (Ceremony host)              Tony Award   (Actor)


Oscar Winner   (Actor)                                 Dee Verr   (Actress)


Cass Tingcouch  (Actress)                          Holly Wood   (Detective Inspector)








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