God Rest You Murdered Gentleman

It is mid-December and the first snow of the winter has fallen with a vengeance. With a glass of mulled wine tightly clutched in one hand and a lantern swinging precariously in the other; you trudge your weary way through the village of Dart’s End, Christmas carolling from door to door with fellow members of Dart’s End And Daggerham Light Operatic Society (DEADLOS).

Of course it was this week that you should have been staging the society’s annual Christmas Choral Extravaganza; but the village hall’s leaking roof put pay to that. And this year it was set to be an extravaganza to surpass all previous extravaganzas; commemorating the society’s 60th anniversary. So, not to leave the villagers bereft of your musical prowess, (and also to raise funds for the repair of the leaking roof), it was decided upon to visit the dear people in their homes and delight them with your very own arrangements of a selection of traditional carols – how lucky can some people get!!

Despite the bitterness of the weather, you are all in good voice. However halfway through the evening, someone notices that David City (fellow member and local builder) is missing from the group. It is suggested that he has probably made a quick detour and popped into the Travellers Rest for a swift one en route.

But twenty minutes later a call is received from Inspector Chris Tingle, informing you all that a body has been found face down in a snow drift in Glad Tidings Lane. And the body is believed to be that of a Mr. David City. As horrified and shocked as you all are at this dreadful news; the society’s motto is – ‘The song must go on … and on … and on …’ and so the Inspector is informed that you will all rendezvous with him in The Star, your final port of call for the evening; and there you will answer any questions he may wish to put to you.

But until then, will you yourself remain safe?
Or have you, too, sung your last carol of the evening …?

Fellow guests will include:

Holly-Ann D’Ivey
DEADLOS President

Blake Midwinter
Doctor and DEADLOS Vice President

Lee Threekings

Beth Lehem
Dental nurse and David City’s step-daughter

Gwen Cesslass
DEADLOS Company Secretary

Wayne Manger
Professional Actor (currently resting – for the past 3 years!)





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