Murder - Oh, What a Performance

The year is 1932 – and Lord and Lady Totty of Dartingford Hall, Devon, are celebrating their Silver Wedding Anniversary.

As a token and gesture to mark the occasion, you and some of the other local village idiots – (sorry, I mean – residents), are putting on a performance of one of Lady Totty’s favourite theatrical delights – CINDERELLA. She has always declared that it never fails to bring tears to her eyes – well, this particular performance certainly shall!
Rehearsals have not gone smoothly to say the least. Petty arguments amongst the cast; accusations and ugly threats have been made. Ralph Lightfoot, producer and director and renowned perfectionist, has been at his wit’s end.

With only two days to go and just as it looked as if things could not get any worse; at last night’s rehearsal, Posy Parker (The Fairy Godmother) was found backstage stabbed through the heart with her own magic wand.

A devastating occurrence indeed, but ‘the show must go on’ and Ralph manages to persuade, Ginger Vitis, to step into Posy’s role just in time for tonight’s Dress Rehearsal.

As the evening begins, everyone is tense; not to mention a little nervous:

Will Ralph ever be satisfied with their performance?
Who could have killed poor Posy Parker?
And if someone suddenly shouts out, “He’s behind you!” – Let’s hope they are not talking about the MURDERER!!


Ralph Lightfoot

Penny Less
Playing Cinderella (Barmaid at the Dartingford Dangler)

Bobby Dazzler
Playing Prince Charming (Dressmaker)

Ed Ache
Playing ‘Excrutia’ – Ugly Sister (Footman at Dartingford Hall)

Robin Blind
Playing ‘Extortia’ – Ugly Sister (Landlord of the Dartingford Dangler)

Anita Finish
(village hall cleaner)

Andy Fastener
Playing Buttons (Horse jockey)

Arthur Sixpence
Playing Baron Hardup (Race Horse Trainer)

Helena Handcart
Playing Baroness Hardup (Lord Totty’s secretary)

Ginger Vitis
Playing The Fairy Godmother (Dance Teacher)





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