Resistance to Murder

It is a cold, moonlit evening in late April, 1944 and you are all dining at ‘Café Mange-Tout, Mange-Tout’ situated in a small town just off the coast of Normandy, 

The café is, (or should I say – was) owned by Monsieur René Renier, a key member of the local ‘Maquis’ (Résistance) network.
It is a time of intrigue, conspiracy, propaganda and collaboration, but who is conspiring against whom; and who is collaborating with whom - is anyone’s guess!
As the evening progresses, the reason for everyone's presence here is gradually revealed to them. But just as the calvados is being served and the real business of the evening is about to begin, René collapses dead at the table, head first into the remains of his ‘plat du fromage’.

Before anyone has time to say, ‘bonnet de douche!’ Mademoiselle Clarice Dotrice, Inspectrice de Police, arrives at the café and everyone suddenly finds themselves under suspicion of murder!


Clarice Dotrice
Inspectrice de Police

Clair De Lune
leader of local ‘Maquis’ network

Mimi Mee
Moulin Rouge Can-Can dancer and estranged wife of René

Thomas Brun
local postman

Marion Médicament
local doctor

Herr Klipp
German Officer

Raymond Sacré- Bleu
chef at ‘Café Mange-Tout, Mange-Tout’

Claude Balls
British agent

Stella Artois
waitress at ‘Café Mange-Tout, Mange-Tout’

Sacha Distelery
renowned calvados distiller





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